The crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to the death

The crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to the deathThe crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi second Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of aviation and chief commander of Saudi Arabia Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz al Saud is dying.His brother, the Minister of internal Affairs of Saudi Arabia Prince Nayef bin Abdul-Aziz said that the Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz regarded as serious, he was diagnosed with cancer in the last stage. Prince Sultan is at his Villa in Geneva.The successor of the Prince in line to the Royal throne also became the interior Minister of Saudi Arabia, his brother Prince Nayef bin Abdul-Aziz. Most likely he will have to wait for long, as vosmidesyatniki monarch Abdullah, who marked his reign a number of positive reforms, practically is not engaged in business, devoting only a few hours a day.Prince Nayef, who received a good chance for the Saudi throne, is a Scion of the Royal branch of Sudairi. He is very popular at court and beyond for quarrelsome temper, rash utterance of thoughts and suspicion of having links with extremists.Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor many years ago, however, the disease was not fully healed and recently bin Abdulaziz felt a sharp discomfort. He was taken to the Royal Palace in Rabat (Morocco), where it was transferred to Switzerland. Local doctors are trying to save the Prince from the pain last metastasis. Bin Abdulaziz is in an induced coma. Source: the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to the death.

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