`Dynamite` gave the house of his ex-wife

`Dynamite` gave the house of his ex-wifeNow anyone wealthy buyer can purchase a great house in a prestigious Novorizhskoe highway, which is ten minutes drive from Rublyovka.The owner of a two-storey house with a large garage, bath and workshop - the soloist of group "Dynamite" Ilya Zudin.To buy a house Ilya decided in that moment, when married to his first wife. Then he asked Yuri ayzenshpisa to help him with the purchase. Producer small part of the money gave himself for future concert fees, and most of Zudin borrowed from friends and colleagues.At the moment buying house it cost a little less than four hundred thousand dollars. During this time he managed to do all the repairs and partially settled with creditors. Things Zudina went well until it started to have problems in the family, which ended in divorce. Spouse by after the divorce had a long time to live with the child in a rented apartment, which was paid by Ilya. But then she put the question of division of joint property - house, which they purchased, being married.Ilya at first wanted to change a property into two spacious apartments in Moscow, but the proposed options was not satisfied, and then he put the house up for sale. Buyers are abound and soon Elijah will begin to carry their belongings in a rented apartment. Exactly half of the amount received by Zudin give the mother of their child. Source: "Dynamite" gave the house of his ex-wife.

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