Nicholas Karachentsov had surgery on the brain

Nicholas Karachentsov had surgery on the brainAs we already wrote, actor Nikolay Karachentsov now is on treatment in the St. Petersburg Institute of the brain. The famous actor has already had the surgery.All went well: Nikolay Petrovich feels normal as possible after surgery, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Now the actor is undergoing a course of rehabilitation therapy. It is known that before the holidays Nikolai Petrovich will remain in hospital on a drip.Karachentsov was hospitalized back in February, but this fact relatives of the actor chose not to advertise. Stay Nikolai Petrovich in the St. Petersburg Institute of human brain RAS is strictly classified. To the eminent patient does not even admit of the clinic staff. To enter the chamber only those who work directly with the artist."It was the request of his family, Karachentsov, said doctors of the Institute. - We should not that in his chamber, and even in the office to go, just have to explain why".Some information about the Karachentsov still within these walls, in the medical institution. Nikolai Petrovich is in the second neurosurgical Department, in a double room. Close to the actor is his wife Lyudmila.Head of Department Professor Vyacheslav Mozhayev is a recognized expert in the treatment of brain tumors and arachnoiditis (inflammation of the arachnoid membrane of the brain)."He is also a very good neurosurgeon, say doctors. - Can hold almost any complex operation. There is, to our knowledge, it is necessary not only to restore it, you also need to eliminate the consequences of the injury".The head of the Institute Svyatoslav Medvedev about the stay in the clinic Karachentsov refused to talk."I can't comment on anyone's stay at our facility," said Director of the Institute. - We in fact and treat nervous and mental disease, so it is forbidden to even mention the fact that someone just came to us".However, by chance he did let it slip and the presence of eminent patient, and the purpose of his stay in the Institute."By the way, in Moscow many neurosurgeons with a world name, - Medvedev said. - However, this time close Karachentsov preferred St. Petersburg".Soon Nikolai Petrovich needs to be discharged from the clinic. But home artist until you return, there's still some time in St. Petersburg he will do the procedure. Source: Nicholas Karachentsov had surgery on the brain.

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