Daria Dontsova was accused of plagiarism

Daria Dontsova was accused of plagiarism"Ironic detective" Darya Dontsova, it seems, played with the author of a cruel joke. This is the conclusion users "LiveJournal".The first signs of borrowing notice of the readers of the famous blogger - editor of Maxim magazine Igor Chersky. Now nick meticulously collect evidence that Dontsov, who a couple of years ago from the pages of the media promised to give caught her in plagiarism lifetime royalties for that book", wittingly or unwittingly exploited other people's creations.Disputes about borrowing in the works of one of the most popular women writers of the publishing house "Eksmo" began on 20 may 2008 with the filing of one of the readers page of Igor Chersky (own name of the author. - Ed.) in the "Live journal"."It all started with the fact that in one of his posts I posted a link to a story of his own composition, which was published in the journal "Pocket" in March 2000 entitled "Remembering Oxford," explained Chersky in an interview with the newspaper VIEW. - A whole 8 years later, when the text have work up all over the Internet, someone posted it on the "Edge". I wondered what it sends you junk, and posted a link to your blog".Almost immediately she responded one of the readers: she claimed that several years ago I saw the exact same story, only on the pages completely separate works. Its name the girl didn't remember, but insisted that the book "just from the about Dasha Vasiliev, since the main character was good with languages, to which, in fact, glued this little story," she wrote.A few minutes later and found the source itself - detective "Toad with a purse, which was required to be open on the 19th page. Chersky reported his discovery in his blog and unexpectedly got a huge number of comments, in which the bloggers put in the address Dontsova numerous accusations of plagiarism.Users have begun to give examples of someone's personal, others focused on the rumors, but thought it his duty to Express outrage at the address of the writer or of the state of "literary slaves", the publishers and the phenomenon of incompetent "ironic detective" in mass literature.So, one of the users found the site of Victoria Degtyareva, which within a few years of working in the paging company collected the most entertaining episodes that occurred during the communication with subscribers, as well as "all the funny and ridiculous messages delivered by her and her colleagues" who, according to her, were published in the first issue of "Yuppies" 2003".However, two years later Victoria, now LJ user sige_vic found your notes in the detective "looking for Lamp of Aladdin" authored by Dontsova is generally similar, only with a change of names for individual heroes."Then one of the users brought a link to an article in the St. Petersburg YC, which the author argues that Dontsov "stole" even the "plot "cookbooks" idlers," continues Black-ski. - And all this gradually accumulates-accumulates, we'll see what happens. In any case, I hope that the authors who indiscriminately reprint the lyrics from the Internet, will now be carefully masked and check the primary sources. And the publisher may refuse services of talentless copycats and will increasingly work with real authors of popular texts, which abound on the web".However, the editor of Maxim magazine and a regular contributor to the magazine Marie Clair Igor Cher-ski is not going to stop there and readily admits that the case could go to trial."If Dontsov publicly will bring me apologize and agree to compensate for plagiarism to transfer to the Fund "give life" money to save at least one sick child, I am ready to give her this story," says Chersky, but vouch for how much is enough for his patience amicable deal was not solved."I'm not a very big specialist in copyright, so will appeal to the most reputable law firm on these issues - "smal and partners. Then it will be clear what to do with all this" - he explained.The correspondent of the newspaper VIEW decided to inquire in advance. It turned out that lawyers are more inclined in the direction of the range, although do not deny that the dispute will be associated with certain difficulties."The situation author Igor Chersky is greatly simplified by the fact that his story was published in a paper journal two years before the release of the book, i.e. he already has proof of a temporary priority is rather important point in the debate about the authorship of the work, - said the newspaper VIEW the member of the UNESCO chair on copyright and other branches of intellectual property law, lawyer copyright Vadim Kolosov. - However, the court will have to determine how similar works and whether one of the other processing, including through the examination".According to the lawyer, the processing of a work is the exclusive right of the author of the original work, and without the consent of the latter is not allowed, neither the processing nor the use of recycled artworks."For the unlawful use of processing an author may claim compensation in the amount from 10 thousand to 5 million rubles, and counterfeit copies are subject to seizure and destruction, commented Kolosov. - In addition, under certain circumstances, may be grounds for criminal prosecution".But in publishing house "Eksmo" to the problem were skeptical, reminding about the power of coincidences, and the fact that people's thoughts sometimes coincide."Unfortunately, we know nothing about the magazine "Pocket" - said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK Director of public and corporate Affairs of the publishing house "Eksmo" Maria Markova. - We have no doubt that Daria Dontsova could have somewhere to meet him.On the other hand, I'm sure Markov, even great discoveries can be made at the same time - that really there to talk about everyday situations that are repeated often. And it is a proven fact."Happy families are all alike," Tolstoy, remember? For example, the discovery of America by Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci or opening of transmission of electromagnetic waves (radio), the authorship of which several countries consolidate and dated respectively the years 1888-1896, - said Markov. - How did they get information? Online?In order to understand the situation, we need a little more than 20 minutes that we had on this comment. We will check everything and only after that we will talk about our further actions". Source: Daria Dontsova was accused of plagiarism.

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