Rihanna will try myself as an actress

Rihanna will try myself as an actressThe rapidly growing army of pop and rock artists, with varying degrees of success storming cine Olympus, soon added another "fighting unit".Following in the footsteps of Beyonce and to try myself as an actress and decided the main current competitor black beauty from Destiny's Child is an American singer Barbados-born Rihanna.It is reported that the pop star has accepted an invitation to star in a drama directed by Darren Grant Mama Black Widow. Picture, work on which started in the beginning of the year in Hollywood, is the film adaptation of the eponymous novels of Iceberg slim, released in 1969, the year.In the book of slim tells about the everyday life of black families who moved from Mississippi in "black Chicago ghetto in search of happiness. The action of the novel takes place in the realities of the great depression in the 30-ies.The head of the family will play a famous rapper Mos Def. About the role allotted to Rihanna, not yet reported.For Darren Grant Mama Black Widow will be the debut feature film previously, he focused only on short forms, i.e., video clips. Among the best works of the Grant can recall videos for Alaya (Miss You), Boyz II Men Pass You By) and Destiny-s Child ("urvivor).The premiere of the film scheduled for the first half of 2009 year. Source: Rihanna try myself as an actress.

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