Aurora captivates the audience with incredible dancing

Aurora captivates the audience with incredible dancing Aurora in the framework of the project "Stars change profession" for a month mastered Saronno swimming. For the final presentation, the presenter learned to make such incredible PA under water, and I was very surprised.However, the mentor TV stars - champion of the USSR in synchronized swimming Irina Potemkin - does not consider that Aurora is ideal for this sport."At first, it was necessary to understand how Aurora water: "you" or "you" - the sportswoman speaks. - She had all these complicated strokes and especially, of course, ignite. This exercise, when you need to stand on the water. There are many important things: light bone, light legs, buoyancy. I can't say that Aurora everything was perfect: the rise, sock.The performances Aurora on her head was a flower, which at some time fell. Fortunately, she didn't notice - I'd definitely then you forgot something".Herself Aurora first not very inspired by the idea of becoming a synchronized swimmer, but in the end she even liked the underwater dance."Initially, I knew about synchronized swimming only that there is a girl with clamped noses must move synchronously under and above water," says TV presenter. - Was that dance in the water - it's unbearable labor.Me standing scared scary stories about girls who for a long time under water without air, lose the creation"."The most difficult element is to stand on the shoulders of the female and after a powerful impetus to perform in the air beautiful stand on one leg, and then gracefully dive into the water, trying to splash it up a bit," says Aurora. "I rubbed your hair with gelatin - all as it should be. I have it for very long then washed away. But bald, thankfully, gone.We decided with the girls from the team that somehow then be sure to make a serious joint performance. Imagine I'm the event, at the climax, jumping into the pool, and we start to dance. This, in my opinion, more than one presenter didn't show". Source: Aurora captivates the audience with incredible dancing (photos).

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