Sofia Rotaru has revealed the secret of eternal youth

Sofia Rotaru has revealed the secret of eternal youthMaxim Galkin is a known fan of the older singers. It turns out that in addition to Alla Pugacheva and Maxim still loves and Sofia Rotaru.Moscow recently hosted Jubilee concert of Sofia Rotaru. Led them Maxim Galkin. "I am a great admirer of Sophia Mikhailovna, - said Maxim before the concert. I love her Ukrainian and Moldavian songs and gladly responded to the invitation to spend her anniversary concerts. Hope we will hear their favorite songs from her repertoire - Moldovan "Romance", the Ukrainian "native land" and in Russian "the Red arrow".Rotaru called the people's artist of the three States - Russia, Ukraine and Moldova. Her songs are loved by many generations of listeners. No matter what style nor adhered to the singer, all her songs became hits, who knew everything - from small to large. Among them are such landmark hits as "Chervona Ruta", "Melancholy", "Romance", "Edge", "that's not enough", "Lavender", "moon, Moon", "In my house", "I still love you as much", "Autumn melody", "my Life, my love" and many others.According to the singer, a universal recipe for beauty and youth is an inner harmony and diets, massages and exercises only pleasant and useful procedure.One of the mysteries of its popularity and appeal for the audience is that the singer is sticking to its manner of performance. Lyrical and raspini songs Rotaru not be confused, tired. Source: Sofia Rotaru discovered the secret of eternal youth.

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