The world learned the names `worst religious leaders`

The world learned the names `worst religious leaders`The influential magazine Foreign Policy has published an unexpected rating, which lists the names of the "worst of the religious leaders of the world".In the "black list" includes: Hassan Nasrallah (Muslim-Shi'a, the leader of the Lebanese organization Hezbollah), Joseph Kony, officially declaring themselves as Christian, but unofficially the leader of their religious worship and the Lord's Resistance Army" (Lord s Resistance Army), serving in Uganda. Among those who fell in the ranking - member of the Indian Parliament the Hindu Yoga Adityanath, Deputy in the Parliament of Sri Lanka the Buddhist Amoralia Ratana, the representative of the Hasidic areas of Judaism, the Chief Rabbi of the settlement of Kiryat Arba Dov Lior.All these religious leaders for many years actively encouraged their followers to acts of terrorism and violence, sometimes directly driving such actions, reports the website of the Washington Profile. Source: the World learned the names of the "worst religious leaders"".

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