Photos Lindsay Lohan will teach drivers to drive while drunk

Photos Lindsay Lohan will teach drivers to drive while drunkPhotos from the police dossier American actress Lindsay Lohan used in an advertising campaign urging drivers not to get behind the wheel while intoxicated, according to Reuters.Social advertising using pictures Lohan, falling several times to the police for driving under the influence, published Friday in the American newspaper USA Today.The aim of the organizers of the advertising campaign is not only to explain the need not to drive after drinking alcohol, but also to prevent the widespread introduction of special devices, locking the ignition, if the driver is not sober.In a newspaper advertisement pictures of Lohan, which in 2006, being a minor, three busted for drunk driving, accompanied by the caption: "the ignition Lock is a good idea for her." There are pictures of all adults who consume alcohol on special occasions. "For them it's a bad idea" - reads the caption to images of cultural drinking Americans.The organizers of the campaign explained that the installation of ignition interlock responsive to a certain concentration of vapors of alcohol, interfere with the rights of reasonable and responsible drivers.In addition to Lohan, the organizers of the campaign are going to use photos of other celebrities arrested for DUI. We are talking about photographs taken in police stations in respect of which do not apply copyright and other use restrictions. It is known that Lohan herself the permission to use his photos to the organizers of the campaign were not given. Source: Photos Lindsay Lohan will teach drivers to drive while drunk.

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