Lev Durov had surgery on heart

Lev Durov had surgery on heartPeople's artist of the USSR Lev Durov, a few days ago, was hospitalized at Botkin hospital, before he was transferred to city hospital No. 4, where he underwent surgery for the implantation of the pacemaker, reports RIA "Novosti".The Director of the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya Konstantin Chernyshev said: "To improve the status of the artist, the doctors decided to put the lion Durova pacemaker. The operation was successful. Lev Konstantinovich already moved from ICU to a regular room. Today we talked to him on the phone. He said he feels very well and expects to go on stage in may".According to Chernyshev, the artist plans related to the theatre, have not undergone major changes. Several of the deadlines nearest premiere - the play "I'm not Rappaport", where the actor acts as the lead actor and Director. The premiere will take place on 8 August. "Everything is planned in may's repertoire includes performances with the participation of Lev Konstantinovich, he will play," said Chernyshev, adding that the theatre may 31 finishes the season.Meanwhile, earlier it was reported that the actor was taken to the intensive care unit in a pre-stroke condition. Representatives of the actor denied this information, saying that the hospitalization was planned. In December 2005, Lev Durov had already been hospitalized with a suspected stroke. Eventually, however, doctors made the actor a diagnosis of "heart attack".Then Durova became ill during a rehearsal: prepared statement "Rosenkavalier". After surgery in Institute Sklifosovsky actor was in the hospital for about a month. Current news about hospitalization Durov has caused alarm among his senior colleague and friend, an 85-year-old actor Vladimir Etush. "I wish him (Durova) a speedy recovery. Tell him to stay!" "said Richter.BiographyLev Durov was born 23 December 1931 and comes from a famous dynasty of Russian circus performers, animal trainers and clowns. However, parents of the artist were not associated with the circus. Father Konstantin Vladimirovich - worked as a fireman in Southstream and her mother Valentina I. - worked in the military historical archive of the Lefortovo Palace.The childhood of the actor was held in the Moscow Lefortovo district. For parents Leva was a troubled child: got bad marks and constantly fought. Several times he was even expelled from school. However, father never scolded her son. In school Lev Durov she studied at the drama Studio in the Palace of pioneers of the Bauman district. Then he entered the School-Studio of MKHAT. And in 1954, after graduation, Laura was invited to work in the company of the Central children's theatre.For 10 years he played a huge number of roles - from Burdock, Cucumber or Clouds to Tsarevich Feodor in "Boris Godunov". After graduating from the Higher courses for Directors Lev Durov became the Director. In the theater on Malaya Bronnaya he has staged plays such as "Indictment," "Curtains," "the crying game", "Cinderella", "Oginski Polonaise". However, the greatest glory and love he had earned in the movies.To star Lev Durov began in 1954 and have played to date, more than 160 roles. Every character actor invariably carries a unique tone and temperament of the frame.Actor has played in such movies like "Leap year" (1962), "Go seek" (1966), "All the king's men" (1971), "Seventeen moments of spring (1973), "Kalina Krasnaya" (1974), "Last day of winter" (1975), "Armed and dangerous", "Success", "the Three Musketeers", "Farewell to the Mothers", "Bumbarash", "Nose", "Thirty-fourth soon", "The village of Stepanchikovo and its inhabitants". In the life of Lev Durov always active and energetic, but prefers to devote to home and family. Source: Lev Durov had surgery on heart.

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