Died American actor Charlton Heston

Died American actor Charlton HestonFamous Hollywood actor Charlton Heston, whose masculine appearance brought him many epic roles from Moses to Michelangelo, died at his home in Beverly hills, California on 85-m to year of life, reports Reuters.During his long career he appeared in over 60 films, among which stand out the "Ten commandments" (1956) and "planet of the apes" (1968). But the greatest recognition Heston brought the picture "Ben-Hur": for the main role in it, he received in 1959 "Oscar" in the nomination "Best actor". In 2002, Heston announced that doctors found he had signs of Alzheimer's disease. According to relatives of the actor, he will be buried in a closed ceremony.Looks Spartan and conservative lifestyle made Heston look like a representative of another era. As Director Anthony Mann joked: "bring on the toga, and it will look great." Between epic dramas ("the Ten commandments" and "Ben-Hur"), fantastic fighters ("planet of the apes" and "the Man under the symbol "omega") and disaster films ("Earthquake") Heston endured on screen in Shakespeare's play, becoming the Director of the film adaptation of "Antony and Cleopatra".The most controversial role, which was played by the actor, was not in the film - in recent years, Heston has headed the National rifle Association that works to fight for the right of Americans to free possession of arms. His views on this issue, he expressed, speaking to opponents of the initiative. The actor left the audience with a gun raised high above his head, and said that people who are against weapons in the homes of US citizens will be able to pick up this gun only from numb hands, my dead body".John Charlton Carter, the future Charlton Heston, was born in Santa Helena in 1924 year. He graduated from northwestern University classical drama and gained early experience in film, starring in the role of peer Gynt in film school. During the Second world war, Heston served for three years in aviation, and then got a job as a model in new York.He married Lydia Clark, also models, and has lived her whole life in a happy marriage. Heston with his wife went to work in the theatre in Asheville, then moved to Broadway. Debut production of the Heston there was "Antony and Cleopatra", which led to a long-term contract with the television, where Heston played such classic roles as Julius Caesar, Petruccio and Heathcliff. Television made Heston a star, after which he moved to Hollywood. The characters played Heston, could be cruel, and rude, but only as necessary. Source: Died American actor Charlton Heston.

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