`Tattoo` undressed in front of an audience in Cannes

`Tattoo` undressed in front of an audience in CannesSoloist outrageous duet "Tatu" shocked audiences at 61 m film festival in CannesAfter the premiere of the film "YOU AND I (FINDING t.A.T.u.)" Lena and Yulia easily peels off her elegant robe closed and remained practically in the buff.- No one expected that we will undress to their underwear and corsets, - smile "tattoos". - It was fun to watch all of mediateca rushed to the scene and frantically put up their tripods in the hope of us to capture.A wave of indignation caused by their act and ran on the legendary Boulevard de La Croisette, Yulia and Lena did not even notice and merrily drove off to Verona, where he played a concert for their Italian fans. Source: Tatu undressed in front of an audience in Cannes.

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