The daughter of Anna Nicole Smith inherited condition of the mother

The daughter of Anna Nicole Smith inherited condition of the motherThe question of who will be the successor of model Anna Nicole Smith, who died early last year from a drug overdose, solved. Multi-million dollar fortune inherited her eighteen month old daughter of Dannielynn.On Tuesday, the court of Los Angeles ruled that 18-month-old Dannielynn hope Marshall stern is the only heir to a fortune. However, until that girl grows up, things related to inheritance, will lead a deceased companion models Howard stern and the girl's father Larry Berthed.As RIA "Novosti", Dannielynn hope Marshall stern inherited millions of deceased husband of Anna Nicole Smith, a Texas oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall. Famous model for a long time pleaded for the right of inheritance to the eldest son of Marshall - Pierce. But in June last year at the age of 67 he died.Recall that Anna Nicole Smith married married a billionaire in 1994. He was then 89 years old, and she's only 26. J. Howard Marshall died the following year after the wedding.Judicial proceedings relative to the legacy continued for a long time. During Smith sued her late husband's family 474 million, a court later cut that amount to 89 million dollars, then even denied Smith his right to the inheritance. However, in may 2007 the U.S. Supreme court nevertheless allowed the model to fight for their share of the inheritance in the courts of the state of California, although Texas court recognized the younger son Marshall his only heir.Anna Nicole Smith died on February 8 of last year in one of the hotels in Florida drug overdose. Source: Daughter of Anna Nicole Smith inherited condition of the mother.

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