In Samara discovered the double Medvedev

In Samara discovered the double MedvedevThe inhabitant of Samara Alexander Goncharov is a specialist in the field of electronics and telecommunication, writer and... almost a mirror reflection of President-elect Dmitry Medvedev.When the potters was younger, the resemblance was almost one hundred percent, "Novye Izvestia". Goncharov said that not just pay attention to it "stare".A couple of years ago, the life of Alexander Goncharov changed dramatically: his "reflection" began to show on TV. Special delight from the similarities of father Dmitry Medvedev and the sons of Alexander. Senior proudly told her classmates and teachers that his father as President.Potters, of course, would like to see your double firsthand, and maybe even talk to him, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". "It was interesting to see his reaction" jokes Samarco.After the discovery of such a wonderful fact the authority Goncharova in the eyes of his own mother-in-law is also increased. But the wife , in turn, do not particularly like to compare blessed with the now head of state. She believes that Alexander, in addition to similarities with Medvedev and many other advantages."For the first time the resemblance with Dmitry Medvedev noted, when I was 42 years old, - says Alexander Grigoryevich. I was just blown away: one person! And wife we have blondes. Mine is the same age as Mr Medvedev, and my Maxim - Advogados Ilya Medvedev. That is, Parallels and analogies a lot. However, my kids are bigger, and Dmitry Medvedev - humanist, but I'm a techie".Goncharov graduated with honors from the Kuibyshev aviation Institute, visited Baikonur, worked for some time in Moscow. Is the inventor of the USSR.Very often mistaken for Samarco Dmitry Medvedev on the street. Turn around, stop: it seems not only the face, but the complexion, hair, voice, gestures."The last time I was mixed with Medvedev at the post office, recalls the potters. - People staring at me, some were dumbfounded. One woman kept asking what check Dmitry Medvedev arrived in the province. I was very uncomfortable, but now I get used to it, become a public figure".Potters specially studied my family tree and found out that he has in the genus "kind of mysterious North-West branch", of which he is not fully informed. He does not exclude, that is a relative of the future President."Dmitry Medvedev is now 42 years old. When I was 42 years old second time married, after the wedding, former Vice-Governor of the Samara region Viktor Kazakov, looking through our photos, suddenly said: "Yes this is Medvedev!" I say, "well, my wife is mine!" And he answers: "Yes, and his wife! Spitting Image Of Svetlana Medvedeva!".Goncharov wrote a children's book and sent to Medvedev even when he was first Deputy Prime Minister. From reception author Medvedev came thanks."Now, when Dmitry Medvedev was elected President of Russia, I feel as if I was chosen. I was saying that the similarities are not only external. We seem to have similar way of the head, and likewise they work. I share and understand this man, and I see it a few more deep than others". Source: found In Samara double Medvedev.

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