Igor Starygin seriously ill

Igor Starygin seriously illActor Igor Starygin, one of the most striking films of which was the role of Aramis in "the Three Musketeers", is still in the hospital. We will remind, the actor was hospitalized in early February with a diagnosis of right-sided pneumonia.The famous artist immediately put in intensive care. Doctors have appointed a 61-year-old Starygin the course of treatment, but the disease did not retreat.At the famous patient was a high fever, and only a week after the start of treatment Starygin was better and he was transferred from intensive care therapy.Unfortunately, the improvement was short-lived. According to doctors, to stabilize the condition of people's artist and failed. The condition of Igor Starygin remains heavy.As it turned out, the pneumonia was not the only problem of the actor. On Wednesday, after reviewing the results of the day before CT scan, doctors found among Starygin another severe disease.Now doctors are finding out its nature, and does not exclude the possibility that Igor Vladimirovich may require surgery, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". If the need is confirmed, the actor, most likely, will be transferred to a specialized clinic. Source: Igor Starygin seriously ill.

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