`I am legend` and other new Russian cinema

`I am legend` and other new Russian cinemaThis week the Russian audience will see the film adaptation of the novel by Richard Matheson "I am legend" about how as a result of the spread of the virus, scientists invented for the treatment of cancer, on earth are the only uninfected people.Criminal-feminist Comedy about three cleaners Bank "easy money" tells the story of how "Technicals" decide to get rich, intending to Scam on the appropriation bills. Intercontinental the dramatic Thriller "Montana" directed by Alexander Atanesyan tells the story of former orphans, who went to the US to perform a dangerous mission, writes "Time of news".Before the Russian finally got the Hollywood hit "I am legend" directed by Francis Lawrence with will Smith starring. In the story, with the spread of the deadly virus was invented not thinked about the consequences of scientists on earth, it seems, are the only uninfected person reasonable scientist Robert Neville, with unique immune system.Becoming the master of a deserted metropolis, he spends every day in search of the remnants of civilization and attempts to find antivirus on the basis of its unique blood. But only during the day, when night falls, your rights shall become mutant-infected. Not the first (to the point there were several versions of varying degrees of adequacy, the most famous of which is "the omega Man" (1971) with Charlton Heston) adaptation of the great novel by Richard Matheson. The film became one of the major blockbusters of the end of the last and beginning of this year and 2010 has already scheduled the premiere of "Legends 2".Criminal-feminist Comedy about three cleaners of the Federal reserve Bank "easy money" tells the story of how "Technicals" decide to improve their dire financial situation, planning to Scam on the appropriation bills that must be destroyed by reason of dilapidation. The idea is borrowed from a British TV movie 2001 "Hot money", but if there unfolded a serious drama, in this case, the humor reigns.Intercontinental the dramatic Thriller "Montana" directed by Alexander Atanesyan tells the story of a former orphan of Nicholas, who went to America to perform a delicate and dangerous task, and got into trouble. And then everything is standard: the betrayal of the once closest to you and everyday heroism of the common man, the difference of cultures and, of course, lyrical line, which does not hurt even a language barrier."Silent light" is a joint project between Mexico, France, the Netherlands and Germany directed by Carlos Reygadas - beautiful, sublime and profound meditation on eternal values. In Mexico, far away from civilization lives a small group of sects-Mennonites. But even among this highly specific audience can be drawn heartbreaking romantic passion. Source: "I am legend" and other new Russian cinema.

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