I Zhigunov, a young companion

I Zhigunov, a young companionThe history of the breakup of one of the brightest pairs of Russian cinema of Sergei Zhigunov and Anastasia Zavorotnyuk - gathers lots of speculation and rumors.Roman skater Anastasia and Peter Chernyshev already questioned, and Sergei Zhigunov ascribe certain relationship with a young blonde."I saw Zhigunov accompanied by a slim blonde in this year, but did not advertise his observation, so as not to hurt Zavorotnyuk, said a person familiar with the actor. - I don't know if Sergei a love relationship with a girl. Do not rule out that she is a regular client of the center Zhigunov, which signed a business contract on her promotion. The same client at the time was for the producer and Nastya Zavorotnyuk. It Sergey also took with them to private parties, acquainted with influential people. Now he's probably preparing a replacement".According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", Sergey Viktorovich indeed plans on the basis of their production center to open a model Agency.However, to comment on its relationship with the emerging next to him is a model Zhigunov doesn't want. May bind only a couple of things, but to know for sure is difficult. Assistants the actor is also moving away from direct answers to questions about a possible new novel Zhigunov.To clarify the situation came from the spouse of the participant of the project "Dances on ice", which assures that knows it inside out."Peter Chernyshev - pleasant nice young man," said the source. He really communicates with Nastya. I think Nastia's and Petya's not a novel, but had quite good relations. The fact that they appeared together at parties, it's a fact. But the fact that Zhigunov I see at parties with girl model layout. He was in love with Nastya, but time has passed. In my opinion, Sergey inhibited career Zavorotnyuk. Often good Directors refused to take her to the project only because of unreasonably high Ryder, who approved Zhigunov. And it's not her, and his attitude. Conditions written off contracts with Hollywood stars. But in Hollywood it all debugged, and we have throughout the country a few grim-vagenami, and their rent is painted on half a year forward! Zhigunov and himself demanded similar conditions, even if not filmed. As a result Zavorotnyuk, interesting Directors, little was shot, becoming a TV presenter and entertainer. Today, it is, as they say, made his Ryder modest". Source: Zhigunov, a young companion.

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