Printing determined the price of a portrait of President Medvedev

Printing determined the price of a portrait of President MedvedevIn one of St. Petersburg printers Tuesday printed the first portraits of the President-elect of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, according to the website of "Moskovsky Komsomolets"."We decided to make a trial batch of different sizes - five thousand copies, - said the publisher. On average we will take as a portrait of Putin, 40 rubles". According to the representative of the publishing house, the portraits of the current President bought up to elections on March 2."We have eight years experience selling portraits of Putin, told the newspaper the representative of the publisher Alexey Samoilov. - This product was a great success, all the copies were bought up entry of bookshops. As soon as we learned on 10 December that the candidate of the party in power was Dmitry Medvedev, our artist Alexander Thymine took up the brush. Until the second of March he managed to draw so far only watercolor portrait of the President. Oil painting still being written and will be ready in a couple months".According to Samoilov, portraits of Putin agreed in the presidential administration, and with portraits of Medvedev such a procedure has not been undertaken. "They say he (Medvedev - "Ribbon.") left in the portrait is better than life, - said the representative of the publisher. "But the paintings are meant to sugar coat the reality!". Source: Typography determined the price of a portrait of President Medvedev.

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