Andriy Shevchenko wears women's underwear

Andriy Shevchenko wears women's underwearThe forward of football club "Chelsea" Ukrainian Andriy Shevchenko wears briefs Tanga quips today, the British tabloid the Sun.The other day at the Golf club Wentworth Club in Surrey on the famous football player saw little black women's panties. The eyewitness said: "a Group of players finished the match and noticed that near Shevchenko plays. They watched as the player pushes the ball into the hole. At some point he bent down for the ball, and they couldn't believe their eyes. The Golf course is rarely seen Tanga panties".Elite Golf club Wentworth is close to home, where he lives Shevchenko, and also close to the training complex of Chelsea in Kobama. Andrew, who is literally obsessed with Golf, regularly comes back before or after workouts. There he has his own buggy (Golf cart) with the number "7", same as he had on a t-shirt of Chelsea. Source: Andriy Shevchenko wears women's underwear.

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