In the U.S. `the eminent Sovietologist` accused of duplicity and lies

In the U.S. `the eminent Sovietologist` accused of duplicity and liesOne of the most odious politicians and experts Zbigniew Brzezinski unexpectedly staged a filibuster at Columbia University, where he delivered a speech on Tuesday.It happened a few days before his eightieth birthday, which will mark Brzezinski on March 28.Still energetic "eminent Sovietologist", as he was presented to the audience, he began his fellowship with the fact that, sucking on a Lollipop, I remember the student riots that erupted at Columbia University 40 years ago. Almost two months students and young people then kept under the control of the housing and the campus (the campus) one of the most prestigious universities in the world, while the police force is not suppressed excitement, arresting hundreds of their members.Brzezinski recalled the surging crowds and the symbol of the revolution - live pig he was driving on a string at the offices of the professors. In the dispersal of protests by the police, the pig lucky - combat unit of the society for the protection of animals arriving with an emergency call, took her under his protection.Even then, professors at Columbia University in new York and first Director of the Institute on the issues of communism Brzezinski was quite ambiguous reputation with the image of a "hawk"."I went out to meet the crowd and said - give me the microphone, and I will speak, or ask, and I will answer. Because I don't have time - I'm in a hurry to make another imperialist genocide," remembered Brzezinski his joke, which might then have saved his life.However, the audience did not share the nostalgic mood of the Sovietologist. During the time allocated for questions to the microphone one after another approached the young men of Arab appearance and not so much something I asked Brzezinski how throwing incriminating replica in his address.Got a Sovietologist and Afghanistan, and for "Israel" and "the conspiracy of imperialism", and for "aggressive two-faced policy". Initially Brzezinski tried to answer, then laughed it off - "we drink the blood of babies of the poor", then wearily asked me to ask the next question in the queue."You liar!", - shouted by those whom the administration is deduced from the audience for violation of the regulations in the hall, where came not only students, but also experts, politicians and diplomats."Yes, nice to be back in 1968-the year!", - made an unexpected discovery for themselves Brzezinski.In April will mark the 40th anniversary of the student revolt at Columbia University, where he took an active part black activists of the Marxist organizations. The riots broke out amid anti-war protests and in connection with the murder of a priest and civil rights leader Martin Luther king.The outcome of the riots of 1968 were the decisive steps of the American society for the elimination of racial discrimination, the authorities have not only brought troops from Vietnam, but also abolished universal military service.The current political context is largely reminiscent of the historical stage in the history of 40 years ago. America is tired of war in Iraq, she plunges into economic stagnation and disappointment in the ruling elites.Speech Brzezinski at Columbia University confirmed the loyalty of at least his main thesis - the world has become more politicized at the level of the masses". Father called Sovietology is the main trend of the new century.From 1966 to 1968 Brzezinski was a member of the Council of policy planning U.S. state Department, and was directly involved in the unpopular policy, which resulted in a deep American crisis, student unrest and, eventually, the withdrawal of troops from Vietnam.Today he is convinced that in the new conditions of global stability can only be achieved by consensus, not confrontation."The war in Iraq is the most self-destructive mistake in American history" - believes that influential in the U.S. the expert.Zbigniew Brzezinski is a counselor at the Center for strategic and international studies (Center for Strategic and International Studie) and Professor of American foreign policy at the School of advanced international studies of the Floor of the Nitze School of Area and International Studies) at Johns Hopkins University in Washington, D.C. he is a member of the Board of Directors of the National democracy (National Endowment for Democracy), a member organization Freedom House, a member of the American Academy of arts and Sciences (American Academy of Arts and Sciences.Brzezinski said he supports the election of Barack Obama, although not an active member of his team. Source: USA "the eminent Sovietologist" accused of duplicity and lies.

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