In Russia there is a film about the President

In Russia there is a film about the PresidentOn Tuesday 5 February 2008 at the hotel "national" media will present the new film "the Kiss not for the press", which will appear on CD on February 14.The film is about "a beautiful, charming girl, stewardess, who arrived one day in Leningrad there and fall in love in "simple Leningrad, wrestlers, well-speaking in German, has reached great heights in politics." So described on the official website of the film the main characters - Alexander A. Platov (Andrey Panin) and his wife Tatiana Platov (Daria Mikhailova).The filmmakers report that it is "the story of a wife, a mother, a woman that fate has prepared a challenging role"."We first have the opportunity to look at life with a Policy from the other side. It is not only the one we see in the news, on magazine covers, at official receptions, it is still the head of the family, a loving husband, caring father and son. He above all People. What is it in life, in the family? What's on his mind? Does he have a place in your heart for love? Here are the questions, the answers to which are trying to find the creators of the film. Millions of such stories, but these women units. Those who are able to follow this same path," written on the official website of the picture.Prototypes of the main characters, as has probably become clear, are the current President of Russia Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila Putin. In the film there are scenes exploring the hero with his future wife, wedding, birth of daughters, a long business trip to Germany and much more. In the role of Governor, the prototype of which was the former mayor of St. Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak, was awarded people's artist of Russia Alexander Belyavsky. The film also played Raisa Ryazanov, Alexander Loya, Igor Lagutin and Alice Bogart.In an interview to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", Belyavsky admitted that the film is about the early years of Vladimir Putin. "Likeness we have not achieved, and some hints, Parallels, allusions, similarities give rise to reflections of the viewer," - said the actor.Panin: "the Film didn't really get it".

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