Stradivarius violin will go under the hammer at Christie's auction

Stradivarius violin will go under the hammer at Christie's auctionUnique violin by Antonio Stradivari (1644-1737), known as The Penny, will be sold at auction, which suits today's new York auction house Christie's.Experts estimate this lot in 1-1,5 million dollars, but collectors tend to believe that the final sum will be greater, ITAR-TASS reported.The famous master of stringed instruments made this violin in 1700. Its name The Penny musical instrument received in honor of the talented British pianist and violinist Barbara penny (1929-2007), which acquired it in 1965.The penny is known in the UK and Europe that became the first woman accepted into strings of the London Royal Philharmonic orchestra. Its success opened the way forward in the in the orchestra and other equally talented women.Recall that in may 2006 a record $ 3,54 million dollars brought in a new York auction Christie's violin called Hammer Antonio Stradivarius (1708). The world record for the cost mounted violin made in 1741 by an Italian Guarneri del gesГ№.In February 2008, in London it was purchased by a Russian businessman and collector Maxim Viktorov for the amount of the trading house Sotheby's even refused to disclose. According to unofficial data, the amount of the transaction amounted to 3.9 million dollars, and according to experts - all 6 million. Source: Stradivarius Violin will go under the hammer at Christie's auction.

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