The group `Reflex` got naked for new music video

The group `Reflex` got naked for new music video On the set of new sex clip the soloist group had to stick their mini-dresses to the bodySexy outfits the girls were so candid that she had to literally glue the tiny dresses to the bodies of hot blondes.- What are little girls! - barely contain himself Director Alexander". - In front of such a beauty impossible to resist. My working mood vanished!In the video for new song "Chanel" which was filmed in St. Petersburg, Zhenya Malakhova, Alain Torganova and Anastasiya studenikina appeared in the form of glamorous girls, whose life is the pursuit of fashion and popular brands.Initially, I wanted to radically change the way girls and make them with hot brunettes, " admits Alexander. But, seeing them, understood better than they are now, does not happen!ClipAt the insistence of the producer, the Director made a video as sexy. Specially the girls sewed superdrine outfits.Mini-dress barely covered her gorgeous body girls, and then sliding off with breast or ass Stripping.- Not to introduce singers in the confusion, had outfits to stick to their body with tape, " says designer Alina German. - A deep cleavage secured and strings of pearls.- Even better, - smiling girl. - Seradnenka and beautiful!Video really turned very erotic, is pleased Alexander. - No vulgarity, only natural maiden's beauty! Source: the Group "Reflex" got naked for new music video (photos).

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