Sviridov asked her former husband to return

Sviridov asked her former husband to returnSix months ago the scandal after parting with her civil husband, Alena Sviridova suddenly asked him to go back.For the sake of their four year old son Grisha singer decided to forgive Dmitry Miroshnichenko, who is younger than her 16 years, and numerous of infidelity.From Sviridova, known for its unpredictability, you can expect anything. However, this could not foresee anybody! The woman who has recently publicly stated that renounced to have a serious relationship, fell in love again... in her former common law husband.To the surprise of all secular parties, imposing young man, previously worked as a model, at the presentation of the new album Alena personally met her guests. And with a gorgeous bouquet in his hands. Well, after the concert reconciled a couple of a long time whispering in a secluded corner, the newspaper "Life".- Dima just fine. We have a wonderful relationship, especially because we have a common child, ' said Sviridov, yesterday did not want to even hear about Miroshnichenko. - Actually, you know, what happened tonight was like in spite of everything... As if we were helped by some otherworldly force.She now looks happy and hopeful that her relationship with Dimitri, who she helped to become the owner of a holiday representative firm organising a corporate party, is finally back to normal. She really wants to believe that her husband changed his mind and really wants to go back to her and his son. Source: Sviridov asked her former husband to return.

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