Sharon stone celebrates its 50th anniversary

Sharon stone celebrates its 50th anniversaryStone, who became famous thanks to the film "Basic instinct" and "Casino", find the glory of one of the most beautiful Actresses of Hollywood.It was called "divine," "daring" and one of the most "controversial" of celebrities. In the movie, stone plays the role of fatal beauties, but life remains independent and strong woman, wit and charm which Eclipse external data. Perhaps it is this quality and did not allow the stone to get lost in the sea such as beautiful blondes in Hollywood.Ever since the first years of life Sharon stone differed from their peers. In school she immediately came to the second grade at the age of 5 years. In 18 years, Sharon, have already graduated from school and received a bachelor's degree, unexpectedly took part in a beauty contest and became "Miss Pennsylvania".Later, the actress told reporters that her IQ is the same as in Einstein - 154. In her youth, she even predicted a bright future in chemistry, but then all thoughts of Sharon were associated with the movie."I thought of all the arts for the game I had the least talent. I chose the path with the most elusive goal," recalls stone. As if in punishment for disobedience fate, the actress has dropped out of the trials, some of which had almost ended in tragedy. In the early 90-ies of the stone the second time was in a serious car accident, after which could remain confined to a wheelchair. It is unknown what would have become of her future fate, if not excellent physical shape actress.The tests are always only tempered the character of the actress. Foil her plans of becoming an actress could not dissuasion loved ones, nor the long search for suitable roles. For several years, stone was involved in the endless auditions, before she met woody Allen, for whom she performed in the movie "Stardust memories".The long-awaited glory to the actress came after the controversial film the 92-year - "Basic instinct". Role, which declined a lot of Actresses, was entrenched behind the image of Sharon stone and, in consequence, limited her roles.About his risky role in "basic instinct" actress said: "I Think that I have nothing to regret. Might go for a walk on sunset beach in underwear. If required by the film, so be it. But I'm sorry that some people think that the movie will be better to be visited, if I get naked and will not stay full movie in clothes...".Even after after long persuasion the role of a "normal woman, wife" in the movie "Crossroads", Sharon stone could not convince the audience the ability to play anything besides a "sex-bomb" for men. Not help her and a partnership with Sylvester Stallone in the movie "the Specialist", which, as described above, is much more popular overseas than in the United States.Launched in 1995 an attempt to act as a producer of the film "the Quick and the dead", a kind of "remake" of westerns Clint Eastwood, in which stone also played the main female role, had no success with the Americans. The fate of the actress clearly has been a deadlock, when the film Director Martin Scorsese offered her the role of "women of Las Vegas" in the movie "Casino", and as a partner Robert de Niro.It is the role Ginger McCann, which earned stone a Golden globe and a nomination for "Oscar", was to restore the reputation of Sharon stone as an actress deserving of the respect of colleagues in the art and a wide recognition as Hollywood stars.Confidence that the stone was found after "Casino", later allowed her to star in several films, though has not enjoyed wide popularity, but still noticed by the critics. One of such roles in the movie "Last dance" is a stone in a completely inappropriate manner. In this film she managed to convincingly play the role of a sentenced prisoner.Over time, the actress managed to organize his own production company "Chaos" and to sign a lucrative contract with one of the largest distribution companies in the U.S. "Miramax".Now Sharon stone prefers to spend free time not on the set, and in the company of his children. Its turbulent energy it uses in several directions: continues to participate in various festivals, writes books, and also cooperates with various charitable and human rights. Source: Sharon stone celebrates its 50th anniversary.

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