The most expensive shots in the entire history of the paparazzi

The most expensive shots in the entire history of the paparazzi The human passion for peeping did the work of photographers extremely profitable business. What are the ten most expensive frames in the entire history of the existence of the controversial Fatarella?Wondered if the magazine SIM...230 thousand dollars photographers got a shot of Freddie mercury...In 1990 on a patient with AIDS Freddie mercury paparazzi was arranged a real hunt. Despite the fact that the cult musician rarely leaving the house, a clever paparazzi still managed to take a picture of an emaciated by disease of the musician (photo 1).250 thousand dollars was worth a shot with the "possessed" Britney Spears.A year ago in Los Angeles shaved bald Britney Spears with an umbrella in hand, attacked the car of a photographer from the paparazzi center, which specializes exclusively in the surveillance of American pop singer. The author of photos, in addition to the fee of 250 thousand dollars, earned another 40 thousand dollars on the sale of their jeep, scratched a star (photo 2).In October 2005, the British newspaper the Daily Mirror published photos of model Kate moss sniffing cocaine. As a result of the company Chanel and Burberry immediately broke with Kate contracts, and the paparazzi earned scandalous images 300 thousand dollars (photo 3)."Penthouse", not noticing the trick, bought a young photographer pictures, which was allegedly filmed Nude Anna Kournikova. But in photography "Kournikova" themselves suddenly recognized Judith Soltis Benetton, adopted daughter of Italian fashion designer lyuchano Benetton. Photographers earned 500 thousand dollars (photo 4).In September 2004, in London infamous paparazzo Steve Sands, which, incidentally, is officially included in the list of 50 most obnoxious new Yorkers photographed the daughter of a rock musician, leader of the band Coldplay Chris Martin and actress Gwyneth Paltrow. It was the first ever paparazzi picture star infant. For $ 1 million (photo 5). Source: the Most expensive shots in the entire history of the paparazzi (photos).

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