Illegitimate son of JFK requires recognition

Illegitimate son of JFK requires recognitionThe late John F. Kennedy, U.S. President, assassinated by a sniper shot in 1963, showed up the next of kin. John Worthington claims that he is the illegitimate son of JFK.The author of the sensational statements 45 years, he is American, but currently residing in Canada. Worthington was born a year before the death of John Kennedy and, according to him, it actively participated 35th President of the United States, who had an affair with the future mother of Worthington is a native of Texas.Now a contender for the famous name requires members of the Kennedy family to do DNA analysis and to acknowledge him as their family member. Journalists, he said he is well aware of the reaction to his actions in the American society that "does not consider it necessary to wash dirty linen in public", but Worthington believes that he is doing "the right thing".Nouveau son of John Kennedy announced his existence to Senator Ted Kennedy, brother of the late President after U.S. media reported that, according to some, the former head of the White house may have children living in Canada.Hitherto lived only one child Kennedy daughter Caroline, who is now 50 years old. However, it is possible that John Kennedy were indeed illegitimate children. The President, according to rumors, was not chaste. Whom only he neither attributed to the female partner: a stripper blaze Old, and the actress Marilyn Monroe, and the mistress of the leader of the Chicago mafia Judith Campbell Exner, and countless flight attendants and assistants. It is believed that Kennedy took with him on various trips interns from the White house, all doing the same thing that Monica Lewinsky to bill Clinton.Recall that John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated on 22 November 1963 in Dallas. He, along with his wife and Texas Governor John Connelly drove from the airport to the city center, Shopping Plaza, where he was to speak at a campaign rally. In the path of the motorcade in the business district of the city the President welcomed more than 200 thousand people. At some point the car stopped, and that's when shots rang out. The bullets hit in the head and throat of JFK. The President fell into the arms of his wife, and the next shot was severely wounded in the back by the Governor of Texas. The car immediately went to hospital, where 14 of surgeons fought for the life of Kennedy, but despite all their efforts, after 35 minutes he died.Former street people showed that shoot out of the window on the sixth floor we were on the street book Depository. After searching the building, police and secret service officers found a rifle with a telescopic sight. Then it was called the murder weapon. 45 minutes after the assassination, was arrested a suspect, Lee Harvey Oswald, who is also accused of killing one of the cops. But he soon died - two days later, Oswald was killed by nightclub owner Jack ruby. Source: Illegitimate son of JFK requires recognition.

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