Dudevu not allowed to leave Gverdtsiteli

Dudevu not allowed to leave Gverdtsiteli After the Duo of Dmitry Dyuzhev and Tamara Gverdtsiteli won the project "Two stars", more time the artists have to spend together. As she says Tamara Mikhailovna, they just cannot get to part.So this star Duo after the show survived. "We are not allowed to part - vengeance invited to speak together, said Gverdtsiteli. - In addition, especially for us already written new songs. For example, the composer Kim Breitburg. But we first want to demonstrate the best that we already have".Before the project "Two stars" Tamara Mikhailovna and Dmitry were practically unknown, the newspaper "Trud". Both of them at the beginning of the show is very careful in selecting a partner and eventually opted on each other."Me and Dima offered different options. The choice of a partner is a very serious issue because this person will have to go on stage more than a dozen times. At first acquaintance, we both realized that we can do together something very worthy," recalls the singer."To better understand what I could do with this man on stage, I immediately went to the store and bought the disc with the movie "the Island", where Dima is playing the priest. Little good to sing, to have a spectacular appearance and artistic gift - says Tamara Mikhailovna. - Dima all combined, and they coincided with my way, which happens very rarely. Match harder on stage than in life.".

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