Celebrities appeared in the paintings of famous artists

Celebrities appeared in the paintings of famous artists Face the most popular Hollywood celebrities graced the masterpieces by world famous artists.With the help of computer technologies have managed to create a gallery, it is entirely plausible replacing the paintings depicted people characters modern gossip, writes The Daily Mail.Transformed patterns can be viewed on the website Worth1000. Particularly harmonious look actress Nicole Kidman on the canvas of Peter Paul Rubens Susanna Furman" ("Straw hat"). Footballer David Beckham and his wife Victoria for some reason in dark glasses appeared naked on the classic work of artist Louis Jean Francois Lagrenee.Natalie Portman appeared in the form of "the Madonna of Granduca" the painting by Raphael, and "die hard" Bruce Willis was, according to the authors of the gallery, the artist Vincent van Gogh and replaced him with the classic self-portrait. Julia Roberts was especially good in the artist's painting Sophie Anderson.Elvis Presley almost impossible to distinguish from Paul Lemoyne on the portrait painter Jean Augustin. And looking at two versions of the painting "Cliffhanger" great-grandson of Sigmund Freud, graphics Lucian Freud at all difficult to find the difference, but the facial features of one of the men depicted are reminiscent of Sylvester Stallone.Actor Jack Nicholson looks very respectable gentleman on the canvas Evard Hooper, and grizzled Sean Connery appears in the portrait, where a prominent Mexican painter-fundamentalist Diego Rivera painted his colleague, the famous Spanish painter Joan Miro.Actor Tom cruise shows his commercial skills on canvas by French painter Jean Jerome Leon "Merchant of skins from Cairo". Charming Angelina Jolie appears Nude on canvas by Emile Vernon Among the flowers. Source: the Celebrity appeared in the paintings of famous artists (photos).

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