The actress, who `sank` athletes

The actress, who `sank` athletes Between sports and art are incredibly a lot in common. Actresses and athletes, depend on the age and transform over time in that age category, which for many can be a very dramatic moment.And in the fusion of art and sport are born sometimes even unprecedented alliances.One of the latest stars who found love in the sports world - Jessica Simpson...the other day she sent birthday greetings to boyfriend Tony Romo, having treated his cake baked in the shape of a star. The cake was decorated with blue glaze, symbolizing the colors of the football team Dallas Cowboys, in which Romo plays and figure 9 - number Tony...Actress Hillary Duff Dating Mike Camry, hockey player, striker NHL team New York Rangers, also incorporates part of the Canadian national team...Meraya Kerry in 1998 novel tied with the new York baseball star Derek Jeter...However, the relationship did not last long - a couple attributes his gap is too intense media attention...Couple Gisele Bundchen and American football star Tom Brady continue to live in love and harmony, despite the fact that ex-girlfriend of Tom recently gave birth to his child. Brady was present during the birth of his son John Edward, who was born 22 August 2007. However, it didn't ruin the relationship with Tom Giselle. They are still together and often catch the eye of the paparazzi...But the situation is Vice versa. Tennis superstar Serena Williams and Director Brett Ratner. The couple broke up in 2006. Their two-year relationship was especially enticing Chapter in the history of sports...Eva Longoria and basketball player Tony Parker. A romantic story ended with the wedding. Source: the Actress, who "sank" for athletes (photos).

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