In Lviv immortalized manhood Sacher-Masoch

In Lviv immortalized manhood Sacher-MasochIn the centre of Lviv is a monument to one of the famous Lvov - controversial Austrian writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. The piquancy of the monument - not only in the flamboyant personality of the hero, but in indecent interactivity of the monument.It is molded in such a way that through the left pocket of my pants Sacher-Masoch and touch his "manhood" to happiness.In addition, just above the chest level Sacher-Masoch would be mounted magnifying glass through which can be considered erotic pictures. The creation of this bronze masterpiece at a cost of $15 thousand. In Lviv already has a mini-monuments sipping beer good soldier Schweik, the hero Hasek, Smile and peeing dog. Reported by the Ukrainian edition of "Today.".

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