Natalia Morari together with her husband returned to Moldavia

Natalia Morari together with her husband returned to MoldaviaThe next flight to Chisinau fly journalists of the newspaper The New Times Natalia Morari and Ilya Barabanov, reports "Echo of Moscow".They are more than three days spent in the area for deportees at the airport "Domodedovo". As told Ilya Barabanov, the decision to send in Moldavia they took themselves, as at night worsened Natalia.Three days Natalia Morari with her husband Ilya Barabanov is also a journalist for The New Times tried to resist the car of the FSB. They were not alone - all this time they were supported by colleagues, family, friends. But the authorities arranged at the airport "Domodedovo" real prison, said "Echo of Moscow".For a long time, journalists were not given water and food, were forbidden to use outlets and Natalia and Ilya were left without telephone service. Didn't let them counsel. They didn't want to give up, but her health problems and not to risk their lives, they were forced to leave. Ilya went to Moldova with his wife, recently they officially registered their relationship.The attention of the entire journalistic community is now on the 23-year-old journalist. She was persona non grata in our country suddenly without any explanation. It is known that the order banning the entry was given in the corridors of the FSB. It is also known that Morar was engaged in a sharp journalistic investigations on corruption not only in the corridors, but in General in the higher echelons of power.Colleagues of Natalia Morar from the magazine The New Times are not going to give up. They will continue to fight for the return of his journalist. Source: Natalia Morari together with her husband returned to Moldavia.

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