A work colleague told me about the experiments Zemfira

A work colleague told me about the experiments ZemfiraIn Russian rock music there is virtually no team that would not work with Sergey Bolshakov.He is considered the best sound engineer in Russia, our "Golden ears". The most eminent artists of our scene collaborating with Sergei, including spleen, b-2, "Mumiy Troll", Nike Borzov. And Zemfira with him recorded the most original and like nothing on the album "Vendetta". Days.Roux met with Sergey Bolshakov to talk about the nature of Zemfira, Eurovision and pop music.- Sound... what is its role in music?- In music there is no concept of "sound engineer". It is clear that the filmmaker does in movies, and in music - perhaps this is the producer. Sound engineer, perhaps.- With whom it was pleasant to work with?I work for the Studio, and I have a different attitude towards creativity. There is such a thing as ethics. Besides, I with experience. I learned to separate the human and professional quality, and generally get pleasure from intercourse. But as engineer, like a specialist, to work, wondering when the task is difficult. It complicated when it can formulate. There is a purpose, searching. And when the task is specific and you've never done this before - this is interesting.- With whom did you work?With almost all. Here in any poke - worked. "Spleen", Zemfira, Bi-2, VA-Bank", "Night snipers", Nike Borzov, "Semantic hallucinations", "Korn", "Mumiy Troll". I think everything from known to folklore, which no one knows. Just someone more, someone less. "Mumiy Troll" traditionally prefer to work abroad because there they reach the result they want. If they do, then something we don't, they give us a reason to improve. I not only worked with Grebenshikov. Yes, it's easier for me to say, with whom I worked.- Zemfira by nature a difficult person, how did your collaboration start? And why is the album "Vendetta" is so different from all of her work?- Yes, we worked well. Well, all the people is not easy, all the features. And the album is otherwise due is not me, it's thanks to her. She wanted to experiment - she did it. I only help to achieve the desired result. My help is expressed in how well it turned out or not. In this sense, I am an engineer, not a sound engineer.- You work with pop artists?- Come to me regularly pop artists, but I try to refuse. Because it's a little different musical aesthetics, which I do not know very well. And I really want to know. But some insist on their own. Now Julia Kovalchuk driving record. Sometimes with the group "band'eros" intersect, worked with Anita Tsoy.- How does your work depending on the artist? The idea initially exists or occurs in the course of work?- 50/50. If people play traditional music, they know what they want. But if they are experimenters, all in the process of being built.The specificity depends on the person. Each has its own characteristics. Generally they play different kinds of music, respectively, different tasks. With stars are much easier to work with. If they don't want to surprise anyone, then you know their songs, and I know. Of course, I work in the same vein. If unknown a team, we need to study what they love, love it, learn what their music to explore the features. In this respect, of course, is easier, because you're already in the material, but they are all experimenting. The album "Vendetta", which I Zemfira worked, was an experiment, Bi-2 always experimenting, "spleen", too. The peculiarity is that none of these people wants to be like the Russian artists, all trying to save themselves. This is a very important thing. Because young bands all the time trying to be like famous artists.- According to rumors, some artists during recording using other people's voices...- I only do live groups. But it happens at all, so to speak. I think they deserve the same, and sang. If the person is someone beckoning to him sing, well done. And the students will have to choose for yourself.

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