Erotic games Anfisa Chekhova

Erotic games Anfisa ChekhovaOn the set of the show "Intuition" on channel TNT all are shocked. Wakes up and leading Viktor Loginov, caught in the middle of an erotic nature.The fact is that in recent shootings participated Sasha Savelyeva from the "Factory" and Anfisa Chekhov - You have no idea what it is for a few hours to stand next to such a beautiful girl, " said Loginov. - For example, from Sasha Savelieva radiated such a crazy aroma of spirits unknown to me, which I with great difficulty did not lose his head and not disconnected from what is happening on the set. Torture, honestly. Torture?Even the heroine of the program did not miss the opportunity to once again emphasize their sexy and attractive forms. Busty TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov found that to press the home button not only hands but also other parts of the body. The whole male part of the crew lost his head when he saw how Anfisa presses the button on his beautiful chest. However, another equally sexy part of the body, which is lower than the back, press the button Anfisa was not given. "Now we regret that missed such a sight," laments the Victor. Source: Erotic games Anfisa Chekhova.

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