Ksenia Sobchak refused to participate in the show `the Circus`

Ksenia Sobchak refused to participate in the show `the Circus`Ksenia Sobchak unilaterally refused to participate in the show "Circus", even without the knowledge of the organizers of the project.As it became known "Z", in the final round will be five participants of this year's stellar team of circus performers - Sergey Lazarev, Yevgeny Stychkin, Efim Shifrin, Zhanna Friske and Ksenia Sobchak.Panic"Where Is She? Will she be today? - tried to get the organizers of the show from disciplined performs at the arena of the circus elements of Sergey Lazarev. - They promised it, and now the phone does not take.- Well, I don't know. If you promised, then I'll come, " tried to protect circus friend Sergey. - She has so much to do now...While the program staff in panic redraw the plans of rehearsals to highlight the elusive Ksenia Anatolyevna most convenient time for her, Sobchak his decision already made.I was educattonal in the show - said flatly Xenia "Z". "I'll be in Moscow at that time, when will the shooting of the program, I am going on tour.ScandalNow, without "blonde in chocolate", scheduled groups of five participants is not obtained. This means that someone from the current contestants have to evict. Or do you need to persuade someone who shined last season.However, about upcoming difficulties with permutations and exceptions, the creators of the show don't know yet. Blond prima did not even bother to inform them of your decision. Source: Ksenia Sobchak refused to participate in the show "Circus"".

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