Teenagers poured Orlando bloom green stuff

Teenagers poured Orlando bloom green stuff Especially for this English actor was invited to the awards ceremony Kids ' Choice Awards 2008.Kids - Choice Awards - most popular in America award, which is held by the channel Nickelodeon.The main audience of the TV channel are children and adolescents, although their parents love to watch violent cartoons with lots of blood and unjustified violence.And every year the kids are calling the best from their point of view of actors, musicians and other followers of this popular spectacle....However, the ceremony called "one of the most important show on the planet" because it typically attracts more than 6 million. This year in the vote was attended by about 40 million people from 18 countries.As you can see, this year, Orlando bloom pimply teenagers especially loved.They doused the actor's green stuff from head to toe. And forced me to smile and be glad.Recall that according to the tradition of all the winners of Kids` Choice Awards pour green slime. Here and Orlando bloom this year was unable to avoid the ill-fated awards. Source: Teens doused Orlando bloom green stuff (photos).

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