Basque congratulated Lazarev, danced on the table under the `hurdy-gurdy`

Basque congratulated Lazarev, danced on the table under the `hurdy-gurdy`The magnificent celebration reconciled long ignored each other former colleagues on the staff of Smash! Vlad Topalov admitted Sergei that he still considers him a friend and loves.Among the guests of the anniversary evening Lazarev has dropped a bombshell when Topalov, which, of course, no one expected to see, suddenly arrived in "Surikov hall to congratulate the hero of the day.- Always stay the way you are, love you. Your dumpling! - congratulated Vlad Topalov him by writing a wish on a huge portrait of the birthday boy.GuestsFriend Sergei Alexei Vorobyov congratulated Sergey songs, written specially for the day of his birth, performing them under the accordion.One of the not very innocent jokes ex-the candidate for participation in "Eurovision" triggered Baskov on feats.- Who doesn't scream - he's a fan of Boris Moiseev, - spoke into the microphone Alexei, encouraging the audience. Nicholas kept his head and immediately stood up for a colleague.- Boria do not defraud, is jumping on the scene, said the singer voice of Moses. - Boris, by the way, didn't win because he was on the anniversary of Reznik. It blew out! And in General, never to offend colleagues. I can understand if you said, "Who does not cry - he Kirkorov!" concluded her impassioned speech Nicholas.Guests took the last statement of the singer's laughter. For anybody not a secret that the two artists have not get along with each other. The approving roar in the hall was encouraged Baskov, and he was not deterred.DancingKohl's this evening was obviously in shock. He was circling in the dance of the Sati Casanova,... grandmother birthday.- I want to be your grandson, joked Nicholas, interrupting his famous "Mojo".At the end of the song Nicholas made it into a rage. Pushing salads and bottles, the singer climbed on the table that were peacefully eating guests.- Above hands, friends! shouted, hopping, nick. - Can't see!- Today Baskov filed as the last hot dish - Joker singer. Together with Anita Tsoy (the singer in this time just decided to join the dancing on the Desk of a colleague. - Auth.). And Lazarev with us! - the birthday boy has also joined the "Board" fun.Trying not to get kicked in salads, Trinity with dignity potenziale under the last sounds of "the street Organ", as if this was not the table, and the best dance floor in the world.Pretty funny "tattoos" Julia and Lena, hold hands, and just like old times, actively and openly communicated with guests, which is not quite like the groom Volkova Parviz. Young dad periodically lost sight of its civil spouse.GiftsI gave Sergei a new hit, it's called Lazer Boy, - has shared with "Z" rapper Timati."I was given a gift with meaning and value, Serge as a dramatic actor began with Shakespeare. So I presented the birthday volume Shakespeare weighing twenty pounds! - has shared with "Z" a famous actor Efim Shifrin.But the most surprising was the gift presented in a festive atmosphere from the Ministry of culture.- Decree of 2 April 2008, solemnly read out from the stage assistant of the Minister of culture Alexander Sokolov. - "About the announcement of gratitude of the Minister of culture for productive creative work and contribution to the development of the art of singing Lazarev Sergey V., singer and actor...".

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