Cynthia Nixon got engaged with his partner

Cynthia Nixon got engaged with his partnerActress Cynthia Nixon (Cynthia Nixon), an open lesbian, fulfilling one of the leading roles in the movie "Sex and the city", based on the popular television series, is going to get married with his partner.Recall that the first year Cynthia lives with Christina, She (Christine Marinoni), which left his former civil wife of Danny Moses (Danny Mozes). Together they are raising two children Cynthia from this marriage, a daughter Samantha and son Charles.According to the publication "National Enquirer", "Cynthia and Chris are going to play a simple wedding ceremony in Vermont in the fall, under the canopy of red leaves. The ceremony must be very low-key, it will invite only your dearest friends and family members".Vermont became the first U.S. state where they were legalized same-sex civil partnerships are almost identical to heterosexual marriage.Cynthia started Dating Christine in 2003. Later she made out, basically, what has shocked a considerable amount of their fans. However, the scandal did not. The actress has managed to so skillfully to give this "sensation" that the paparazzi who were on duty outside her house for two days, left with empty hands. And the recognition Nixon did not become a "national scandal", and the audience very quickly got used to the fact that Cynthia is no longer belongs to heterosexuals.Recently the actress told in an interview that he loves Christina just as before, and their relationship is called fantastic. Also Nixon told a sad story about that over a year ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer. However, the disease was caught early, and after chemotherapy and surgery, she retreated. Source: Cynthia Nixon got engaged with his partner.

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