Zemfira will be drug testing

Zemfira will be drug testingThe other day in the newspaper "Your day" there was a note saying that psychologists suggest that the cause of the strange drawings on the hands Zemfira became her addiction.The Internet provides an audio commentary by Mikhail Vinogradov, a psychiatrist-criminalist, that Zemfira is mentally ill and with a high probability using drugs. We decided to contact Zemfira to know her opinion about it, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda"."I'm tired of narcotic theme, tired of excuses," said the us singer. "I am ready to undergo all the necessary expertise - and mental health, and substance abuse, to put the point in this story.- To draw conclusions without research is a gross violation, " says the lawyer of the singer Igor Kozhevnikov. - Zemfira - creative person, and she has a certain image makeover, makeup.- My comment was not official, " said Mikhail Vinogradov. "I was made a private call in which the caller asked about the types of tattoos: in particular, in the form of veins. I explained that it most likely is that this person was caught in the web.In principle, tattoo spider web on the hands and black veins" is a symbol of drug addiction and drug dependence. But this does not mean that the person wearing such a figure, himself an addict. Source: Zemfira pass drug testing.

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