Timati and Topalov made a truce

Timati and Topalov made a truceThe controversial rapper Timati and ex-member of the Duo Smash!! Vlad Topalov officially and publicly agreed to a truce.Throughout the year they stubbornly pretending not to notice each other, appearing on the same secular get-togethers and parties. But on the eve of the presentation of the new collection of clothes For Timati Sprandi they still shook hands.After the fashion show, which became the most wealthy rapper in the country, Tim reappeared on stage - but in the more usual manner. After the concert, two of the stars of Russian show business exchanged a couple of sentences exchanged mutual compliments and finally decided to bury the hatchet.Recall that about a year ago between the two heroes gossip columns rose "tattoo" Yulia Volkova. The singer skillfully stringing two star macho. "Tango for three" suitors had not delivered and not once fists began to figure out who's boss. Source: Timati and Topalov made a truce.

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