Stalker jodie foster threatens to blow up the airport

Stalker jodie foster threatens to blow up the airportOn Tuesday morning arrested a man who for many years sent the Oscar winner jodie foster threatening letters. This time he mailed sent a fake bomb at lax airport in Los Angeles.As reported by Reuters, earlier in December, the 42-year-old Michael Smegal was tried in Federal district court of Massachusetts for sending threatening emails to the administration of the Airport van nuis.Official documents confirm that the letter was identical to more than 100 threats, addressed both to foster and to other people of Los Angeles in the period from September 2007 to January 2008.Twice winner of the gold statuettes jodie foster first anonymous threatening letter received in early 2004. Based on officially certified documents, in 2005 Smegal admitted to the police that the letters were sent and he promised not to do.If the court finds Michael to be guilty, he Shine 10 years in prison. Source: Stalker jodie foster threatens to blow up the airport.

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