Sylvester Stallone will star in the sequel of the movie `Cliffhanger`

Sylvester Stallone will star in the sequel of the movie `Cliffhanger`Actor Sylvester Stallone will play the main character in the drama "the Dam", which is a continuation of sensational Thriller "Cliffhanger". However, experts warn that the project may be a failure.Currently, Stallone is negotiating with the production company, Sony Pictures about filming, reports can only speculate what kind of stunts you have to perform in the movie the main character, however, the likely site of action is defined by the name of the picture.On the one hand, the new draft Stallone can wait ill the future, as the predecessor of the "Dam" - the movie "Cliffhanger" - has collected more than a quarter of a billion dollars. However, there are times when shooting the film failed.However, outside the U.S. there are enough viewers who want to see almost an aging Hollywood actor.However, critics hold plot Parallels between the future movie and already taken the picture of "Daylight", where Stallone in the role of Gabe Walker rescues people from the flooded tunnel. The film failed in the United States, because it was collected a total of $ 33 million.Recall that in the action film "Cliffhanger" Stallone played the mountaineer and Explorer Gabe Walker, who goes into the mountains in search of the missing group. Only then the hero realizes that it specifically lured into a trap and come to grips with the gang leader John Lithgow, who is looking for a hiding place in the mountains with money.We will add that Stallone recently filmed the sixth series of blockbuster about the boxer rocky and fourth "Rambo". Moreover, there were rumours that the star will not stop and the day is not far when the screens will be released "rocky VII" and "Rambo V". Source: Sylvester Stallone will star in the sequel to the film "Cliffhanger"".

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