Moscow is decorated with statues of Brodsky and Pasternak

Moscow is decorated with statues of Brodsky and PasternakIn the Russian capital it is planned to erect monuments to poets Joseph Brodsky and Boris Pasternak. Such decision was accepted on Tuesday at session of the Commission on monumental art, existing in the Moscow city Duma.A monument to Joseph Brodsky should appear on Novinsky Boulevard, between buildings 28 and N 22. Sculptural composition depicting the poet in full growth, produced Georgy Frangulyan, reports "Russian news service". The Commission on monumental art expresses the hope that the monument will be donated to the Moscow.For the statue of Boris Pasternak space near the Museum of fine arts named after Pushkin in Volkhonka. "Today we have considered only one sketch of the monument, whose author was the sculptor Daniel the natural.. His project, along with others, will participate in the open competition. It is assumed that the monument to Boris Pasternak in Volkhonka will appear in 2010," the lead "news." the words of the Chairman of the Commission on monumental art of Lev Lavrenov.Recall that in January of 2008 in Russia there appeared a monument to the famous poet, singer and actor Vladimir Vysotsky. The five-meter monument erected in Samara, it is a sculptural composition. In the center is the Beatles with guitar in hand, but in the role of hamlet. To his right is the figure of a man in a raincoat, which represents the destructive forces that accompany a singer on life's journey. On the left stands guard with a bunch of keys, and closer to the center - a woman with the face of Marina Vlady. This woman symbolizes the Lover and Muse of the poet. Monument appeared near the building of the Palace of sports tssk the air force, where 29 November 1967 held its first solo performance Vysotsky in front of a mass audience. Source: Moscow decorate statues Brodsky and Pasternak.

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