Rotaru forever leaves the stage

Rotaru forever leaves the stageNoting last year's 60th anniversary, the artist went to his last tour. To make such a difficult decision forced her to health.How to break the news to fans, Sofia Mikhailovna do not know: that she refuses to tour, you know only the closest - son, daughter and members of her group.Not support the decision of the people's favourite, they could not know the singer better than whoever it was, they saw how hard Sophia Mikhailovna started in late March spring tour, the newspaper "Life".That Rotaru not disingenuous, saying his bad health, has convinced many of those who came last summer to wish her a happy birthday. It was a Grand celebration! A huge number of guests, hours-long feast. It came to friends, colleagues, acquaintances. But she could not ignore and those who gathered at the gates - their fans. When they traditionally were put in the garden of Sofia Mikhailovna, there was pandemonium.Heat, humidity, crowds of people... Suddenly the actress became ill. Hastily up to the porch to rest in the shade, the singer asked his daughter wipes.- Sofia Mikhailovna sometimes suffers from asthma attacks, it's the whole village knows, " said her loyal guard Mikhail Tikhonovich. - Sits on the injections and then only goes to the garden to breathe...Asthma -- the disease and made Rotaru this tour for almost twenty cities to sing most of the songs to the soundtrack.The disease, in General, began to break many of her plans. For example, recently the singer refused very best deals - tour of Siberia. And this despite the fact that she was willing to provide a private jet and pay a decent fee! She also refused tour of the Far East...Trouble fell on her one after another. First, the worsening of the disease, then a serious car accident in which the singer fell, heading for the concert in Lviv. Her Mercedes collided with a car VAZ. No, no! Thank God Sofia Mikhailovna had received only bruises, but felt a strong shock. Yes, she was on the verge of death, But the singer was not thinking about yourself.- We must help people - worried Rotaru. - Must pay for them the treatment!These costs are assumed by the organizers of the tour in Lviv, and Sofia Mikhailovna many times been interested in people's health. She herself then for a while I was afraid even to approach the machines. All problems have worsened again. Probably, if it weren't for the fans, Sofia Mikhailovna long ago would decide on this step, but it is tolerated-as long as I could.And finally hytoryanka decided to think about their health.Sofia Mikhailovna definitely not be touring in the near future, confirmed the son Rotaru - Ruslan Evdokimenko. - She wants to relax, and it will certainly have to do it. In the summer we go to Yalta... Neither of which work cannot be and speeches! As for tours, we really agree, not all deals - go away my mom is already hard...At the same time, the family Rotaru does not hide that well-paid customized concerts - not a forbidden topic for the singer. She, like everyone, need to earn a living. Another thing that is a prerequisite artist is most comfortable flight because you long to be on the road for her. Source: Rotaru forever leaves the stage.

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