Ornella Muti evades taxes

Ornella Muti evades taxesThe finances of the famous Italian actress Ornella Muti interested in the tax police in connection with which it will now have to pay extra taxes to the Treasury a total of 2.3 million euros, according lastampa.In 1994, the 52-year-old actress became a resident of Monte Carlo, to avoid paying taxes in Italy, however, according to the tax authorities, continued to reside in Rome, where her children live. The clue for the tax police became in particular the fact that it is designed to work nurse. After that Muti had filed tax claims from 1995 to 2000.The Ornella Muti claims that its main activity is abroad, and children live in Rome only because it involves agreement with her ex-husband. In addition, according to her, in the above-mentioned period, she was "intimate relationship" with a French citizen, which should confirm its links abroad.However, after analyzing the movement of the actress, purchases made with a credit card, which she never used in Monte Carlo, her participation in TV and film projects, the court came to the conclusion that the majority of the time Muti conducted in Italy and therefore have to pay taxes there. Source: Ornella Muti evades taxes.

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