Telegraph: Putin and Stalin build memorial cemetery (photo project)

Telegraph: Putin and Stalin build memorial cemetery (photo project)Vladimir Putin intends to realize the unrealized idea of Joseph Stalin and create in Moscow cemetery, where are buried the greatest statesmen.As writes the Telegraph, last week the bulldozers have already begun to prepare a place for "national military memorial cemetery" in the North of the Russian capital. It was there, suggest the authors of the article, Putin may one day be buried side by side with Stalin - a dictator, which he is said to deeply respects.Experts believe that this memorial will be similar to the famous Arlington cemetery in the United States and one of the most ambitious architectural projects since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Construction completion is scheduled for 2010. By this time in the territory of about 52 hectares will appear obelisks, Golden statues of the heroes of Russian history and friezes depicting workers in heroic poses.This project emphasizes the Telegraph, will embody all of the Putin era, which will officially end on 7 may. The grandeur and the enormity of the needs, the architects, to reflect the splendor of a resurgent Russia, and critics have noticed that this style was characteristic of the Soviet era (remember the vivid example of the "Stalinist classicism" - the project of the Palace of Soviets of the USSR height of more than four hundred metres from hundred-meter statue of Lenin on the roof), and called it a bad sign.It is noteworthy that the idea of the main public cemetery originated in the early 1990-ies. Then the concept of the enterprise "Mosproject-4". It has developed a project in the style of minimalism, showing the "difficult path that the country has come without losing an optimistic faith in the future", but construction has not begun. Under Putin the idea remembered, however, the new regime demanded a new concept of the memorial. As a result, it was created by the "Works of monumental and decorative art" (CMDI) focused on the now fashionable in the Kremlin of the Soviet Empire.Also offered an updated version of funerals for heads of state - including the elements of the militaristic traditions of the past. According to the chief architect, KMDI Sergei Goryaeva, when Putin dies, his body, before you betray the earth, will be taken to the Pantheon of a new cemetery on the APC. Goryaev added that the cemetery may be reburied leaders of the Soviet era, in particular, Stalin. It is likely that there will take, and Lenin's body. Source: Telegraph: Putin and Stalin build memorial cemetery (photo project).

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