Gurtskaya a scandal to the organizers `Eurovision`

Gurtskaya a scandal to the organizers `Eurovision`On the eve of the final of "Eurovision-2008", a new argument eruptedThe organizers decided to change the room the singer Diana Gurtskaya, advocating for Georgia.Nerves Gurtskaya and her team to the limit. The organizers of the competition do not accept the teachings of Directors Diana and comply with all their wishes for the decoration of the room.ScandalAs it became known "Z", to give the room Diana the maximum flavor of the Georgian delegation came up with a special lighting design performances. In order to communicate ideas, Directors Gurtskaya used to sit on the negotiations. However, the organizers of "Eurovision" are doing the exact opposite.- We have a feeling that this is done on purpose, - shares with "Z", the representative of the Georgian delegation Sergey. - For several hours we discussed what kind of light we need, and during the rehearsal they do completely different. Source: Gurtskaya a scandal to the organizers of "Eurovision"".

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