Dina Korzun broke up with her husband

Dina Korzun broke up with her husband As it became known "KP", the disorder in the family was long overdue. Dina recently worked very hard: doing charity work together with her best friend Chulpan Khamatova, acted in films.Louis was busy with his group Р•sthetic Education, which was based in Kiev. He often went on tour through Europe, and preferred to live in London, where he has his own apartment. They married in 2001, and actually met 12 years ago, at the time Dean finished School Mat. However, children they never had, the son of Timur at Korzun from his first marriage.In a divorce the spouses are not yet officially filed. Dean's comment "KP" refused. But, as told to us by her friends, she is very hard going through the current situation. Source: Dina Korzun broke up with her husband (photo).

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