Nadezhda Rumyantseva was urgently hospitalized

Nadezhda Rumyantseva was urgently hospitalizedHope Rumyantsev in critical condition was taken to one of the capital's hospitals. 77-year-old actress had complained of severe headaches, which periodically fainted.Health Rumyantseva has deteriorated so much that she was unable to move independently, writes "Your day".For the treatment of the eminent patient doctors use the latest techniques, however, its diagnosis is not known. According to the doctor of the clinic where the treatment Rumyantsev, due to the disease, the actress has lost weight. "We are introducing her vitamins, trying to support the immune system," added the doctor. From the sick wife never leaves her husband, 79-year-old Willie Vartanovich Stoan.Nadine Rumyantseva was born in 1930, in the village of Potapovo in the Smolensk region. After school he entered the state Institute of theatrical arts. Lunacharsky. Then the all-Union state Institute of cinematography. A small increase of the actress immediately identified role as a "travesty". From 1948 to 1950 she was a member of the troupe of the Central Children's theatre. In those same years, she starred in the films "Meet life" and "Alyosha Ptitsyn produces character.".

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