Lindsay Lohan naked in memory of Marilyn Monroe

Lindsay Lohan naked in memory of Marilyn Monroe Actress Lindsay Lohan appeared in the image of Marilyn Monroe in an erotic photo shoot for New York magazine.Lohan has repeatedly acknowledged that he admires Marilyn Monroe, and finds in his or her life a lot in common. Therefore, she could not refuse to participate in the remake of the famous photo shoot blondes "The Last Sitting", which once thundered across America. Pictures taken by the same photographer (Ben stern) and accurately recreate the style of the photo with Monroe. They Lindsay stood completely naked, only covered with a transparent material.In a short interview to New York magazine, the actress said that for her the honour to appear as Marilyn Monroe and she didn't feel awkward during the candid shots. Speaking of Monroe, she compared her death with the tragedy that happened with Heath Ledger: "Their death is an example of what can be done with people in show industry. But I'm not them and I hope that to me will not happen".Lindsay is so impressed with the life and work of Monroe that a year ago was planning to buy apartment in which she lived in the 1950-ies, resembles a portal Day. Then the young actress said: "I would like to do all the things that made her, even when she went to the front and spoke to the soldiers. This is a charming, sexy creation, a real beauty! I always wanted to be like her". Source: Lindsay Lohan naked in memory of Marilyn Monroe (photo).

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